Top Automotive Events Of 2014

2014_Corvette_Coupe_Cyber_Gray_Right_Front_Jan_17_2013_Detroit_Auto_ShowThere is an extensive list of automotive events happening all year round around the world, however there are these few which by far steel the show from the rest. It ranges from industry based automotive expos to shows dedicated to speed to exotic car shows to biker events and rallies to car and bike racing. Trying to pick a best in each category is nothing less to a cardinal sin since the taste of people varies and there is always this debate of one being better than the other. I would here try my best to cover the ground and spot an exceptional best in every category.

1) Geneva Motor Show (Automotive Expo)
– Location: Geneva, Switzerland.
– When: March every year.
One of the most prestigious and highlighted events of any year for the automobile industry. This is the show where every automobile manufacturer releases their line up of new models for the year, concept cars, major technologies, business deals and mergers, you name it. First held in 1905, there is not a single car which has ever been produced which was not showcased at this show. Considered a level playing field for the manufacturers considering the lack of automobile industry in Switzerland. A must attend for any motor head.
-Also look for: Detroit Motor Show (North American International Auto Show)

2) Bonneville Speed Week (Speed Racing and record setting)
– Location:
– When: 9 to 15 August, 2014.
A geographic marvel, the Bonneville Salt Fields, is the battle field for the fastest of automobiles on wheels which battle for the coveted tittle of fastest in their particular categories. This is the place where every year the land speed record is determined to be broken or the fastest women on earth on a two wheeler is decided. There are all sorts of vehicles pushing it to their speed limits to get into the history books as the fastest. A Mecca for speed fanatics and others alike.
-Also look for: Goodwood Festival of Speed.

3) Formula 1 or F1 (Car racing)
– Location: 19 major race tracks around the world
-When: March 16 till November 23, 2014
When it comes to car racing it doesn’t get any larger than the F1 racing. It is the combination of technology, speed, glamour, loyalties and major sports-car manufacturing company┬áparticipating which keeps the fans craving for more. An event which showcases the best names in motoring world battling it out on different circuits around the world in different climatic conditions to win races and earn points which at the end of the event crowns a World F1 Champion. A religion in its own is also a multi-billion dollar industry. A must attend or watch for anyone.
-Also look for: NASCAR

4) Daytona Beach Bike Week (Biker festivals and gatherings)
-Location: Daytona Beach, Florida.
-When: March every year.
As far as motorcyclist gathering and festivals go, this is the best. Showcasing biker rallies to shows to launches to concerts. It is a full-fledged phenomenon of its own. It witnesses over 500,000 bikers of all kinds attending the festival. It doesn’t matter if you are a Harley fan or a Ducati fanatic. Everyone loves the 10 day long festival dedicated to two wheels with engine.

5) Moto GP (Motorcycle Racing)
-Location: 18 most famous race tracks around the world.
-When: March 24 till November 9, 2014
As F1 is for car racing, Moto GP is for motorcycle racing. It has its own fan following and enthusiasts. Arguably the best and the pinnacle stage for any bike racing it has all the major bike manufacturers battle it out to win the championship every year. The bike racing has its own sets of technological advancements every year and also its famous names. The tittle arguably determining the best biker in the world is a must follow for any bike enthusiast.
-Also look for: Isle of man TT
The list is incomplete still without so many events but these are the ones which no one should ever miss, apply for provisional may be some highlighted as to also look out for.

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