Sustainable Transportation for Groups

Even with the advent of telecommuting and live streaming events, there will be times when you need to bring together a group of individuals, whether it is for work or leisure. In a highly populated state such as California, with a population of more than 38 million people as of 2013, finding suitable and sustainable transportation for groups is a logical solution for ensuring that all of your invitees arrive to your event without delay.

Long gone are the days of fume spewing charter bus rentals. With the arrival of Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation (with headquarters in San Francisco, the heart of Silicon Valley and Los Angeles), you can take advantage of their green and fuel-efficient modern motor coaches to get to and from any venue that is on your calendar.

Los Angeles is particularly dense location, with a tangle of highways and freeways from which to choose when attempting to get to a particular spot. San Francisco also has its own hilly terrain with steep hills and a mass of one way streets, and when your job is to deliver your group comfortably and on time, you really should rely on charter bus rentals as the most dependable solution available.

With expert drivers knowledgeable about both the area and the traffic conditions, your group can focus on the upcoming event rather than stressing through snarled streets and highways and worrying about finding reasonable parking nearby. With Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation, they go one step further, by using only fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles in their large fleet of motor coaches.

When you rent a charter bus from Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation, you get more than you bargained for. In addition to professional and safe transport by the company’s chauffeurs, you also are floating in comfort with modern and clean buses.

For any group transportation needs throughout California, Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation can deliver the most reliable and professional sustainable luxury ground services possible!

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