Small Cars That Ooze Style and Fun

For many motorists across Britain cars are simply a mode of personalised transport that they rely on to get around as cheaply and affordably as possible. That has given rise to a raft of cheap-to-run and uninspiring mainstream cars that do nothing to inspire the driving spirit. In stark comparison, keen motoring enthusiasts are looking for more than just a box on wheels that shuffles them from A to B without an ounce of excitement. Instead they require small cars with head-turning looks and big car performance; and luckily there are plenty of options to choose from when both style and substance are required. Here is just a handful of your options:

Suzuki Swift

Japanese car manufacturers are renowned for their build quality and the Suzuki Swift, for sale at Lifestyle Europe, has that in its locker. However, it breaks the Suzuki mould being a fun-driving and beautifully-styled supermini that distinguishes itself from its siblings; which available at a remarkably competitive price. The boxy, yet sleek styling thrusts the Swift up as the one of best-looking models in the class; while the accurate steering, decent chassis and gutsy engine range make sure that it is just as much fun to pilot around town as it is to look at.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Before you can claim be a true car lover you have to have owned an Alfa Romeo. Nowhere in the reviews for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta will you find glowing words about solid reliability, practicality and affordability; but that is not what the car is all about. It won’t always run perfectly and there are a few oversights by the manufacturer that are purely Italian in nature However, the Giulietta’s little foibles are a reasonable price to pay for the sheer pleasure you can gleam from pushing down the accelerator pedal. There are also the looks that have mellowed over time, but remain stunningly different and ensure that this curvaceous hatchback remains a gorgeous-looking car.

Renault Clio

Seductive is one way to describe Renault’s flagship small car. Full of French charm and charisma, the Clio is now a striking looking supermini with the Renault’s new gaping front end. To fit alongside the Renault Clio’s new styling the car maker has found some of the old pizzazz that some of its recent models lacked. Sharp steering is joined by throaty little engines that have more than enough power for in-town driving and ensure fun on more open roads, if not remarkable performance. The aptly-named Clio will win your heart though even if you would never have considered before.

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