MAC 600 sport

How good are the latest Mac boats when it comes to commercial uses?

Mac Boats has come up with their latest model which is a family vessel that enables you to opt for cruising, diving and fishing at your own free will. It can even be used for a bit of lightweight skiing.

The older version of the Mac powerboat was a roto-molded polyethylene vessel that you may have used on a plethora of occasions before. The new model touches upon a few of your long-awaited needs that were left out by the earlier models. You may wish to check out few of the latest models when it comes to Mac Boats.

The new Mac boat achieves a new level from the earlier versions as it incorporates some of the latest designing ideas that are yet to be tried and tested. More than 4.5m in length, the new model leads its competitors by consuming lesser horsepower and by being more user-friendly. The molded pontoons wrap the new Mac boat all around and are filled with foam and sealed to ensure buoyancy. The longitudinal beams at the box-section of the hull have marine plywood on slip-proof floor composed of Nautilex vinyl. An electric bilge pump can be used for drawing any water that accumulates in the cockpit.


The boat manufacturers are likely to experience the advantages of Polyethylene, a material that can be extracted from sheets. It’s easily repairable and durable besides ensuring great longevity. The Mac boats are going lower on maintenance and require a good deal on painting.

The roto-molded Mac boats are capable of meeting all industry surveys due to their sturdy build quality comprising of twin-skins filled with foam. These boats are even capable of meeting the category 2 survey necessities in Australia and can even be dispatched to other countries. Countries like Philippines are now placing orders for boats worth the load of three containers.


A nice entry with a deep vee hull of 22° keeps the latest Mac Sport-fisher ahead of its contemporaries. Apart from assuring a dry ride, considerable lift is provided by the flat chinos that work simultaneously with the two molded strakes. When at rest, much of the boat’s stability is ensured by its pontoons that are of excellent quality. While it’s moving, the material of the hull proves to be flexible and ensures a comfortable ride through absorption of shocks.

Besides offering a glove-box and a bow locker, the new layout uses the cockpit area instead of the space allotted for stowage.

If you check out the sides of the new Mac boat, your eyes are likely to meet its extra lockers. Apart from a locker under water, it even has a few fishing tackle drawers. Instead of the wet locker, you’ll have the option of using its fuel tank under water.

While getting along, the pontoon gets protected by the infill wraps with a narrow strip of belt that comes with well-matched colors. The transom wall has four rod holders made of steel, two of which yield an extended support for its bait board and the remaining ones angle outwards. When it comes to stray line fishing, it helps the bait board to gain more support with the help of these aftermarket rod holders. Much of your concerns pertaining to user-friendliness and safety will be addressed when you have a sturdy boat for cruising and fishing.

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