How an Extended Stay suite Extends the fun of an Auto Show

While some auto shows last a weekend or so, many can last a full week. And even when they only last a weekend, often you find that activities that extend from that show – from informal meetings to more serious conferences and group sessions – may last well beyond the scheduled dates of the show. So one preferred approach when attending an auto show is to stay at an Extended Stay America hotel. By using a Groupon promo code to reserve a suite for a period of a week I assure that I have a comfortable space where I can work out of my rooms, including write, keep records, review the latest information and plan my next day’s activities while having the space and comfort necessary to operate. And the suites have comfortable fully-equipped kitchens, entertainment facilities, and lots of space unlike many hotels in which a person is cramped within a single tiny room.

When examining designs for new vehicles, or comparing a new marketing program or strategy it is nice to be able to have guests in your suite to discuss the ideas. One of the great values of staying in a hotel suite during an auto show is having the space available to meet with others who might help make decisions on how to market a new item to the general public. And it is also a place where one can relax after working on such a project, and where you can compose and write final recommendations for presentation. I make it a policy of getting a suite whenever I attend a car show. There I write up my notes after each day, summarize a description of everything I’ve seen as well as all comments I get from other attendees. And before leaving I draft a summary memo to my office which I send, accompanied with a promise of a presentation to make upon my return.

Of course, I also write my first draft of that presentation while I am there as well. Often I rarely have to do any more than “fine-tune” it when I return home. So if you have anything to say about where to stay while on assignment, suggest the money saving duo of Groupon and Extended Stay America.

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