Got A Windscreen Car Repair? Tips for You

As a car owner, there are several responsibilities that fall on your shoulders, all of which demand your attention at some point or another. And though you may be very careful with your vehicle and are as safe a driver as can be, sometimes, unexpected things do take place and leave you in a lurch. One of these includes damage to your windscreen, which is not common, but also not unheard of. It is also natural to panic when you see a crack or something of the sort, both for safety and aesthetic reasons. So to help you work your way through such a situation, here are a few handy tips.


Examine the Issue

If you notice a crack, do not ignore it. Examine it thoroughly. Though you may have already made up your mind to have it checked out by a professional, be sure to check it anyway. You should know as much about it as possible, including how it probably came to be. So for example, if assuming it happens on your way to work or something because something hit it, you should pull over to the side and see how bad the damage is. This will help you decide whether you need to summon help right away, or whether it can wait a day or two till you sort things out.

Hire Help As Soon As Possible

A cracked or chipped windscreen can be dangerous depending on how it has cracked or chipped. The wrong kind of pressure or angle could smash the entire screen without even trying, and if you are in the car, you are at risk of injury. Definitely not wise if you travel with family, especially small children. Regardless of how small you think the damage is, get professional assistance as soon as you can. If the crack is too big, leave the car till it is fixed and look for another mode of transportation. You should also check if they offer more than the one service, say car window tinting Penrith for example, so you have a one-stop-shop for all.

Temporary Fix

You should remember very strictly that this is just a temporary fix, and should not be kept for more than 2-3 days. Not even 3 if possible. Try to have the matter sorted out once and for all within two days at most. There are auto glass repair kits to be found quite readily, although these are designed for small issues like small cracks and chips. So if the problem is bigger than that, you cannot really use a repair kit to sort it out. There is a high risk of you damaging it further, which would be incredibly dangerous.


Windscreens do not typically break so easily, but sometimes freak accidents do happen, and so there is a certain amount of weight that falls on you in terms of maintenance. For example, you are advised to use microfiber washcloths as opposed to sponges as bits of dirt and rubble can lead to scratches and other damages, which may worsen over time.

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