F1 – The Most Intoxicating Blend of Thrills

Circuitous race tracks, grass grains flaying across on turns, pulse racing commentary, and drivers willing to put their well being on the line to surpass their competitors – F1 racing is an addiction to say the least. You’ve got to ask yourself – is there any scope of intensifying the entertainment further? Well, the answer is a resounding YES, courtesy the availability of several exciting betting opportunities with sports betting websites of repute such as Unibet.

It’s a lot more than speed, it’s also about science

Any FI racing car, although controlled by the driver, also depends on the team working behind the cameras and at the pit stops to be able to sustain the course. It is estimated that at least 300 sensors are fitted in any FI racing car, producing data every second. This data is analyzed by experts and analyzers who crunch the produced numbers to ensure that the engineering in the cars is always improving to make the car ideally suited for racing. Also, the teams attending to the cars in the pit stops comprise of dozens of specialists and experts from different disciplines. It is a result of the combined effort of all these people that a driver can zoom past his competitors to get that podium finish. So, one has to factor in all these parameters before making a choice of a winner to bet upon. This certainly adds a lot more spice to betting in F1, and makes this somewhat refreshingly different from other sports in terms of betting.

The international appeal of the F1 race

One of the most prominent reasons behind F1 racing’s immense popularity is that it is a truly international event, wherein drivers from dozens of countries participate in the Grand Prix races. Moreover, these races are held throughout the year, with venues spread across the entire globe. Teams, drivers and their entourage have to pack their stuff to travel to all the various circuits in the world, with some of the destinations being England, Bahrain, Malaysia, China, India and Australia. Also, new circuits are added to the list of venues. The most recent additions have been the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2009, and the South Korean Grand Prix in 2010. Moreover, the circuits have their unique challenges and histories to add more spice to the pre-race speculations and predictions. This, in particular, makes betting on F1 races so gripping for bettors. 

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