Dyson Bids To Build Electric Cars

There are no automakers out there that want to hear electric cars being referred to as appliances. This is an industry which trades on excitement and passion. They don’t want the excitement of new cars being compared as an equivalent to a microwave, toaster or vacuum.


To them, that feels like failure. However, the auto industry might need to come up with new insults if the man who created Dyson vacuums successfully builds an electric car using some of the same technology he uses to create his award-winning vacuums.


Sir James Dyson is the billionaire British inventor of the Dyson line. He is planning to spend almost $3 billion dollars in order to create and build a zero-emissions, brag-worthy electric vehicle by the year 2020.

No Real Details Yet

There haven’t been many details or information leaked yet about the new electric vehicle that Dyson is planning to create. He has said that because of the fierce competition in the automotive industry, he wants to keep the main specifics of his new vehicle very confidential.


However, he did mention that he is beginning to build his team of engineers who have extensive automotive experience. His team is already at 400 and the recruitment has been difficult.

It has been known that people around the world are more than willing to spend a good amount of money on his vacuums and hairdryers. Everything he has created has been great. Many people are expecting his car to be top-of-the-line as well.

Automotive Industry Doesn’t Favor Newcomers

The auto industry is notorious for being brutal for newcomers. There are many more failures in the market recently than successes. Recent failures include Aptera, DeLorean and Fisker. They didn’t compare to the addition of Tesla to the market.


Even Tesla has has yet to make any money. Even Apple has recently scaled back their automotive efforts because they realize just how difficult it is to build a new car version. Making a prototype is one thing, but building a successful global chain is quite another thing. Successful automakers even struggle with staying successful because of the slim margins for profit.

Multi-Billion Dollar Investment

When most people want to invest, they just need to find a way to get a small loan. It is easy for people to apply and get approved for some cash for electric car title. They can even get their money in as soon as one business day. However, for Dyson, this move is a multi-billion dollar investment opportunity.


Despite all of the hurdles and the money, this is not too crazy of an idea from one of Britain’s most favored appliance makers. Dyson is known for their advanced engineering and exceptional line of products. Many believe that Dyson will be able to use their premium image of their current products to entice buyers to take a chance on their new vehicles. They have a great chance at dominating a niche market of car buyers.

Great Start To Game

Even better for Dyson is that they have some core necessities already at play in their company that will give them a great start. First, they already have invested in the power source that they need from a company that specializes in very solid state batteries.


Second, Dyson already has vast experience working with electric motors. This experience will make them have the ability to create more efficient and powerful motors for their new car prototypes. Third, all of their products have been created with efficient flow of air in mind.

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