Clever Tricks To Avoid High Car Insurance

There are many well-known ways of driving down the price of your car insurance premium, like shopping around, protected no claims and cutting back on other items on your policy. However, there are subtle and more devious ways of lowering your insurance costs, so if you have found ideal Cars for sale in Glasgow, but are worried about how much they cost on insurance then take a look at these cheeky ways of lowering your premium:

Add security

Every little helps in knocking down your insurance premium block by block and one way is adding security. Fitting an alarm, immobiliser or tracking system can help you cut the price by around five per cent, but always check if your car has these already fitted and make it known to the insurance company.

Choose a higher excess

One subtle way of lowering the cost of your annual premium is to up the amount of excess you are willing to pay if involved in an accident. Better still, if the accident is not of your doing then you can always get the excess paid back, but never raise it too high as it can cause complications when you have a car that is not worth a lot of money.

Try haggling

Never accept your first offer is the only advice a haggler needs to help negotiations on a car insurance premium. Look online for the best price and then get on the phone to try and drive your premium down. It is a highly competitive market with insurers willing to drop prices to take business away from rivals.

Make use of your garage

Garages around the UK are mostly used for storing odd stuff that we don’t really want or need, but can’t bear parting with. Insurers love a garage to store a car in as it takes it out of potential accidents on the road and out of the gaze of opportunistic thieves doing the rounds. Clearing out your garage to use it for your car can help you drastically cut your premium, so don’t discount it just yet.

Pick up little bonuses

Insurers will try anything to boost their revenue and amount of customers they look after, so they have many offers that can make their premiums better value. Things such as accelerated no claims can make your already good premium that little bit better, so don’t be afraid to ask for their special offers.

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