5 Essential Supplies for DIY Car Detailing

If there’s one thing that all of us should take pride in, it’s our cars. Not only are they the method of transportation that we rely on to take us from one destination to another but when we’re arriving at various places, it’s what people see first.


One of the best ways to properly maintain your car is to have it detailed. And while you could certainly hire a professional company to do the work for you, if you’d like to save a few dollars and actually do the detailing yourself, we’ve provided you with a list of five essential supplies that you will need below:

Eco-friendly washing products. Although there are a lot of car washing products on the market that you can purchase, our recommendation is that you look for the kind that are eco-friendly. They’re better for the environment. They come with a lot less fumes. And, they are also gentler on your car too. Some of our personal favorite brands include Eco-Green Heavy Duty Car Wash, Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash Kit and Simple Green Car Wash.

Micro-fiber towels. You’re not going to be able to wash your car well if you don’t have the right kind of towels. The reason why we’re so fond of micro-fiber ones is because not only are they proven to clean more effectively, but they also reportedly use 10-20 times less liquid than cotton towels do. They are also pretty durable too.

Car polish or wax. Something else that your car is definitely going to need is some car polish or wax (or paint sealant). There are a few benefits that come with making this a priority. For one thing, it helps to both protect and preserve your paint job. And, if you do it regularly, it also helps to make washing your car easier to do the next time. That’s because by having a coat of wax on your vehicle, you are better able to keep dirt and contaminants from getting embedded into your paint job.

Handheld vacuum. It’s really easy for your car to get all kinds of dirt and debris on its upholstery or on the carpet. That’s why you also need to have a handheld vacuum. By using one of these, you can get into the hard to reach areas in your car in a record amount of time.

Spray-on detailer. If you were to ask a car detailing company like Good Guys Mobile Detail about a supply that you need, especially if you are washing a car by hand , one of the things that they might recommend you purchasing is a bottle of spray-on detailer. It’s excellent for removing light layers of dust, fingerprints and smudges too. In fact, not only is it a wonderful “finishing product” for after you wash your car but it’s also a great way to help your vehicle maintain that “just detailed look” in between washings too. For more information on some of the best spray-on detailers on the market, visit and put “best car detail sprays” in the search field.

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