Understanding and Buying Aftermarket Auto Parts: A Quick Guide

Alfa_Romeo_159_at_the_dealerEducated by movies and video-games like Need for Speed, even a layman knows that you can amp up the horse power by installing new equipment in your car. While first time car owners are content with their gleaming new automobiles, their experience on the road makes people wonder: can my car go faster? Can it give me better mileage? After months (or sometimes years) of becoming familiar with car parts, it becomes obvious that the next step to performance enhancement is obviously the installation of aftermarket parts.

After all, everyone has friends who have showed off a “souped-up”car which goes faster on the highway after being worked upon for a few weeks or months at a specialised auto garage. It is the envy of onlookers, and truly a sign that the owner loves the thrill of high speeds and great performance on the road.

But for a car, possibly one of your most expensive purchases, you can’t simply plug-and-play with parts. There is a science to the purchase, selection and installation of aftermarket auto parts. This is what you need to know before you decide to rev up your car’s performance, acceleration and mileage:

Major types of aftermarket parts for speed: turbochargers are better
While Nitrous oxide systems are well reputed to provide massive gains for a powerful, high-octane experience, turbo system are unrivaled in the amount of boost they offer. A gas compressor increases the ability of air to be compact as it is introduced into the engine – enabling greater power.

For people living at high altitudes, turbo systems are a necessity, as air is thinner. Cars designed for normal terrains and climates will not give you the kind of speed and performance you are otherwise accustomed to. This also makes them a great advantage in high-altitude racing – along with enabling your car to adapt to the climate, you can also avail a much needed boost.

Along with a turbocharger, a kit has an exhaust for pushing gas out of the engine, along with waste-gates and blow-off valves for regulating the pressure at which air is leaving the engine. All this together makes for a well-defined turbo kit.

However, be warned that you can’t simply install a turbocharger and hit the road. Additional purchases and installations include an intercooler and ECU. This ensures the long-term performance for your kit. While these expenditures can surely feel like they are pinching the pocket, buy them from a high quality brand which has spent a lot of time creating turbocharger kits and parts for various specifications, and is able to match this with essential advice on maintenance and possible issues.

Other parts you need to know about

Air Filters
These are available in washable variants, are highly affordable and durable.

Performance Chip
A performance chip lets you track a car’s power and torque and is commonly available.  Alternatively, you can add a “tuning box” – these can be easily removed in case you want to resell the car.

Cold Air Intake

Cold air intake systems are essential for better air flow, which translates to improved horsepower and amazing performance.

Performance Exhaust System
If your car is always stuck at lesser than desirable speed, a catalyst back exhaust system can definitely enhances torque, and give you improvement to horsepower, along with revving up the car’s fuel economy.

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Small Cars That Ooze Style and Fun

For many motorists across Britain cars are simply a mode of personalised transport that they rely on to get around as cheaply and affordably as possible. That has given rise to a raft of cheap-to-run and uninspiring mainstream cars that do nothing to inspire the driving spirit. In stark comparison, keen motoring enthusiasts are looking for more than just a box on wheels that shuffles them from A to B without an ounce of excitement. Instead they require small cars with head-turning looks and big car performance; and luckily there are plenty of options to choose from when both style and substance are required. Here is just a handful of your options:

Suzuki Swift

Japanese car manufacturers are renowned for their build quality and the Suzuki Swift, for sale at Lifestyle Europe, has that in its locker. However, it breaks the Suzuki mould being a fun-driving and beautifully-styled supermini that distinguishes itself from its siblings; which available at a remarkably competitive price. The boxy, yet sleek styling thrusts the Swift up as the one of best-looking models in the class; while the accurate steering, decent chassis and gutsy engine range make sure that it is just as much fun to pilot around town as it is to look at.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Before you can claim be a true car lover you have to have owned an Alfa Romeo. Nowhere in the reviews for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta will you find glowing words about solid reliability, practicality and affordability; but that is not what the car is all about. It won’t always run perfectly and there are a few oversights by the manufacturer that are purely Italian in nature However, the Giulietta’s little foibles are a reasonable price to pay for the sheer pleasure you can gleam from pushing down the accelerator pedal. There are also the looks that have mellowed over time, but remain stunningly different and ensure that this curvaceous hatchback remains a gorgeous-looking car.

Renault Clio

Seductive is one way to describe Renault’s flagship small car. Full of French charm and charisma, the Clio is now a striking looking supermini with the Renault’s new gaping front end. To fit alongside the Renault Clio’s new styling the car maker has found some of the old pizzazz that some of its recent models lacked. Sharp steering is joined by throaty little engines that have more than enough power for in-town driving and ensure fun on more open roads, if not remarkable performance. The aptly-named Clio will win your heart though even if you would never have considered before.

Clever Tricks To Avoid High Car Insurance

There are many well-known ways of driving down the price of your car insurance premium, like shopping around, protected no claims and cutting back on other items on your policy. However, there are subtle and more devious ways of lowering your insurance costs, so if you have found ideal Cars for sale in Glasgow, but are worried about how much they cost on insurance then take a look at these cheeky ways of lowering your premium:

Add security

Every little helps in knocking down your insurance premium block by block and one way is adding security. Fitting an alarm, immobiliser or tracking system can help you cut the price by around five per cent, but always check if your car has these already fitted and make it known to the insurance company.

Choose a higher excess

One subtle way of lowering the cost of your annual premium is to up the amount of excess you are willing to pay if involved in an accident. Better still, if the accident is not of your doing then you can always get the excess paid back, but never raise it too high as it can cause complications when you have a car that is not worth a lot of money.

Try haggling

Never accept your first offer is the only advice a haggler needs to help negotiations on a car insurance premium. Look online for the best price and then get on the phone to try and drive your premium down. It is a highly competitive market with insurers willing to drop prices to take business away from rivals.

Make use of your garage

Garages around the UK are mostly used for storing odd stuff that we don’t really want or need, but can’t bear parting with. Insurers love a garage to store a car in as it takes it out of potential accidents on the road and out of the gaze of opportunistic thieves doing the rounds. Clearing out your garage to use it for your car can help you drastically cut your premium, so don’t discount it just yet.

Pick up little bonuses

Insurers will try anything to boost their revenue and amount of customers they look after, so they have many offers that can make their premiums better value. Things such as accelerated no claims can make your already good premium that little bit better, so don’t be afraid to ask for their special offers.

5 Tips for Purchasing a Hyundai

When purchasing a Hyundai it is important to look at every aspect of the vehicle before signing the paperwork. A few factors should help you in your decision to purchase the vehicle including features, safety rating and fuel economy.

View Safety Ratings

Safety is important when you purchase a vehicle. When viewing the safety rating report, look at the tests that were completed. You will want to view the head-on collision rating, side impact and rear impact test results. These should be rated at above average, or at least a 4-star rating. Inquire about the impact ratio near the fuel tank and what safety measures are in place to prevent explosions and severe leaks. You’ll also want to get the best auto deals possible with rebates, competitive pricing and dealer incentives.

Examine Fuel Mileage

Fuel economy is important when purchasing a vehicle too. The idea of purchasing a vehicle is to save money on gas and get more miles per tank. Filling up once per week or less is ideal when figuring the commute to and from work. Fuel mileage over 27 MPG city is ideal. Many cars are reaching the 30 MPG or more per gallon.

View CARFAX Reports for Used Vehicles

If you are purchasing a used vehicle it is important to view the CARFAX report. What this will tell you is if the vehicle has been in an accident and what damage occurred. It will also tell you what repairs have been made and if regular maintenance has been kept up.

Consider the Trunk or Storage Space

Just as with your home, storage in a vehicle is important. This is especially the case when you have small children that require strollers, car seats and other accessories. It is important to ensure that you have enough room for groceries, bags for travelling and back seats that fold down for extra storage.

Inquire about Recalls

With the influx in vehicle recalls in 2014, it is important to research vehicle models for potential recalls. Some of these recalls can be detrimental to the safety of you and your family. Recalls should be taken care of before the vehicle leaves the lot. Recall repairs are free of charge to consumers. The overall functionality of the repair should be tested and retested before taking the vehicle off of the lot.

Use these factors when purchasing a Hyundai and other vehicles as this is a good checklist to follow. If you are purchasing a vehicle for a new driver, safety must be the most important factor when making a decision. The impact ratings will have a much bigger impact on your decision. The ability to fit the entire family comfortably with enough room to tote items such as groceries, gifts, or room to take things to storage. All of these factors are important. For some, features and options are important too. Ensure that the vehicle has what you need and want in it or keep looking until you find exactly what you want. Don’t settle for a vehicle with fewer options simply due to price, drive what makes you comfortable.

OLX.IN – Online Buying & Selling Simplified

The middle income group of India has been often the neglected category when it came to online deals. Before OLX came into the scenario even used cars for sale was done through brokers and agents only. They would charge an amount in order to settle the deal and that way, neither the buyers nor the sellers were satisfied. OLX changed it all as they eradicated the presence of middle man in here and now the buyers can easily meet with the sellers directly. It has helped both of them as now the sellers and the buyers can settle for the amount that they think will be best suited for both of them without wasting their money on someone else.

World presence

You can avail OLX from any part of the world as long as internet connection is there. You need a laptop and an internet connection to buy stuffs from OLX. There is a huge list of products out there starting from lifestyle products to home décor to electronic gadgets including tablets, iPad or iPhones. Depending on which part of the world you are with you have to type in OLX with the desired location and you will be redirected to that site within seconds. Almost as many as 106 countries are being benefited from the services of OLX so you can trust the name for being genuine otherwise it would have survived for so many years at a stretch. They offer their services in over 40 languages and now by including local language OLX has made it easy for people to avail their services even better than before. They are making the TV commercials keeping in mind their target group and if you have missed any TV commercially then you can view them again in the OLX YouTube channel.

The Technology used to simplify things

OLX has been using technology to ease out the process of placing an ad or to browse through their products and services. OLX knows it well how complex things can put off people from their sites within no time, therefore they have kept it simple and easy. Here is how you can carry out the process:

  • Open a browser and type in the Name OLX.in, in the address bar
  • Now press enter and you will be in there
  • Click on Sell More that will present you with various categories
  • Select the category that you think suits your product that you want to post an ad for
  • Then select the sub category
  • Now you have to provide the details of the product with an image and a catchy title with your contact information, name and state
  • Click on Post and your ad will get posted

It is very simple, you just have to try it out for once and you will know it cannot get better than this.

5 Things to Consider When Test Driving a Used Car

If you’re in the market for another car and you were to speak with a financial consultant about if you should get a new or used one, we’re willing to bet that they would say to get a used vehicle. There are several reasons why this is such a wise choice. For one thing, being that cars depreciate in value the moment that they drive off the lot, purchasing a used car is a smart financial investment. Also, buying a used car can oftentimes save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Plus, if you are able to pay for the car in cash, you won’t have to worry about having to pay a note each month. Continue reading 5 Things to Consider When Test Driving a Used Car

Since Toyota Bailed, What’s Next for Australia’s Auto Industry?

Well, Toyota is going to be taking about 2,500 shrimps off the barbee in 2017 — the automotive manufacturer announced in February that it’ll be closing down its Australia plant in 2017, slashing 2,500 direct jobs and leaving the Down Under without any trace of an automotive manufacturing sector.

toyota Avalon

Why Did They Leave?

The reason? Price. Sure, there are a number of factors that go into any decision made by a multinational corporation, but for these industry hegemons, the most important one is always the profit. Simply put, Toyota realized that it’s too expensive to manufacture automobiles in Australia, especially considering newer opportunities to manufacture vehicles in developing countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, both of which feature a booming middle class, lower costs, and ultimately more appealing production base.

Trending (in the bad sense)

Unfortunately for Australia, having automotive manufactures ditch the Down Under is nothing new. Ford is leaving in 2016 and General Motors announced earlier that it would be leaving in 2017. What’s more, automotive manufacturing is no small ball in Australia: according to Rueters and government data, “Australia’s car industry includes about 150 companies working in sectors from components to tooling, design and engineering, with more than 45,000 people employed directly in the car and parts-making sectors.”

Further, Rueters reveals that automotive production in Australia has just about halved in the past decade, “to just above 200,000 in 2012 from more than 400,000 in 2004.” That’s a pretty jarring statistic, and such a rapidly declining industry certainly says something about the government policies that were in place to construct it (or at least about the potentially mammonistic corporate standards of automotive giants.)

Another interesting fact about the whole fiasco was detailed in the Globe and Mail’s Iain Marlow, reporting that “by 2017, Australia will join oil-rich Saudi Arabia as the only G20 economy without a major auto industry, and all the economic activity and middle class jobs that come with it.”

Looking Toward the Future

The foregoing facts and statistics are all pretty discouraging when it comes to the health of the Australian automotive industry, but there is still hope. With so much of Australia’s auto industry out on the job market, that means that there is a lot of labor sitting around, waiting to be utilized at any minute. Bailing out Australia’s auto industry is an option, but it won’t fix the problem in the long term; instead, what Australia should be doing is investing in further education and training for their work force.

Though, investing in additional training and education for a strained workforce will not be easy for Australia, a nation whose current administration is actively trying to manage a slowdown in their $1.5 trillion economy, as a decade-long mining investment boom slows. In the end, the people of Australia will have to decide where they want the future of their industrial relations. As citizens of a representative democracy, Australians will have to exercise their right to vote as the auto industry weakens and the domestic economy bears the brunt of the damage.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited offers the best auto repair Columbia, MO has to offer, where their expert staff can get your car back on the road in no time.

What to do if you are Involved in a Car Accident

Car accidents can happen to anybody, and they are always unexpected. If you find yourself involved in an accident on the road, whether it’s a big collision or a minor dent in your bumper, it is important to keep calm and take the correct steps.


Stop Your Car

In many cases, you will be required by law to stop your car. If the accident causes damage to somebody else’s property – including another car – or results in injury of a person or animal, it is absolutely essential to stop. This duty applies whether or not you are at fault.

If you are the only person involved in the accident and there is no damage to property, you will not necessarily have to stop. However, it will often be difficult to be sure that no property has damaged without stopping and getting out of your car to check properly.

Assess the Damage

The next step will be to assess the damage to your own vehicle and to any other vehicles or property involved in the accident. If there has been an injury, the priority is to assess the extent of this and establish whether the other person needs medical attention.

If you have a camera on hand, it is best to take photographs of the scene. Make sure that they show the location of vehicles and the extent of damage. It is also a good idea to photograph the registration numbers of all vehicles involved. A mobile phone with a built-in camera is ideal for this purpose. It is also worth writing down your recollection of all the events leading up to the accident so you can refer to them at a later date. This can be particularly useful when making a statement to the police or even if you are badly affected by the event and have to attend legal counselling prior to appearing in court.

Exchange all Necessary Information

There will be information you need to give out to other parties and information that you need to collect from them. This will be essential in making a claim from your own insurance or from somebody else’s. In terms of information you need to give out, other people involved in the accident will need your name, address, contact details and insurance information. You should also give out this information to any policeman or other official who attends the scene.

You will need to collect the same information from the other people involved in the accident. It can also be a good idea to try and get the names and contact numbers of any witnesses, especially if the other person is at fault and you may need to provide evidence to a road traffic accident solicitor at a later time.

Contact all Necessary Organisations

If nobody is injured in the accident, the police do not need to be called to the scene. However, it may be necessary to report the accident to the police later, for example if you were unable to provide your name and address at the scene for some reason or if the other driver has not done so.

You will also need to contact your insurance company. This should be done at the first opportunity to ensure that your claim progresses smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Top Automotive Events Of 2014

2014_Corvette_Coupe_Cyber_Gray_Right_Front_Jan_17_2013_Detroit_Auto_ShowThere is an extensive list of automotive events happening all year round around the world, however there are these few which by far steel the show from the rest. It ranges from industry based automotive expos to shows dedicated to speed to exotic car shows to biker events and rallies to car and bike racing. Trying to pick a best in each category is nothing less to a cardinal sin since the taste of people varies and there is always this debate of one being better than the other. I would here try my best to cover the ground and spot an exceptional best in every category.

1) Geneva Motor Show (Automotive Expo)
– Location: Geneva, Switzerland.
– When: March every year.
One of the most prestigious and highlighted events of any year for the automobile industry. This is the show where every automobile manufacturer releases their line up of new models for the year, concept cars, major technologies, business deals and mergers, you name it. First held in 1905, there is not a single car which has ever been produced which was not showcased at this show. Considered a level playing field for the manufacturers considering the lack of automobile industry in Switzerland. A must attend for any motor head.
-Also look for: Detroit Motor Show (North American International Auto Show)

2) Bonneville Speed Week (Speed Racing and record setting)
– Location:
– When: 9 to 15 August, 2014.
A geographic marvel, the Bonneville Salt Fields, is the battle field for the fastest of automobiles on wheels which battle for the coveted tittle of fastest in their particular categories. This is the place where every year the land speed record is determined to be broken or the fastest women on earth on a two wheeler is decided. There are all sorts of vehicles pushing it to their speed limits to get into the history books as the fastest. A Mecca for speed fanatics and others alike.
-Also look for: Goodwood Festival of Speed.

3) Formula 1 or F1 (Car racing)
– Location: 19 major race tracks around the world
-When: March 16 till November 23, 2014
When it comes to car racing it doesn’t get any larger than the F1 racing. It is the combination of technology, speed, glamour, loyalties and major sports-car manufacturing company participating which keeps the fans craving for more. An event which showcases the best names in motoring world battling it out on different circuits around the world in different climatic conditions to win races and earn points which at the end of the event crowns a World F1 Champion. A religion in its own is also a multi-billion dollar industry. A must attend or watch for anyone.
-Also look for: NASCAR

4) Daytona Beach Bike Week (Biker festivals and gatherings)
-Location: Daytona Beach, Florida.
-When: March every year.
As far as motorcyclist gathering and festivals go, this is the best. Showcasing biker rallies to shows to launches to concerts. It is a full-fledged phenomenon of its own. It witnesses over 500,000 bikers of all kinds attending the festival. It doesn’t matter if you are a Harley fan or a Ducati fanatic. Everyone loves the 10 day long festival dedicated to two wheels with engine.

5) Moto GP (Motorcycle Racing)
-Location: 18 most famous race tracks around the world.
-When: March 24 till November 9, 2014
As F1 is for car racing, Moto GP is for motorcycle racing. It has its own fan following and enthusiasts. Arguably the best and the pinnacle stage for any bike racing it has all the major bike manufacturers battle it out to win the championship every year. The bike racing has its own sets of technological advancements every year and also its famous names. The tittle arguably determining the best biker in the world is a must follow for any bike enthusiast.
-Also look for: Isle of man TT
The list is incomplete still without so many events but these are the ones which no one should ever miss, apply for provisional may be some highlighted as to also look out for.

Biking On Sheets: How to Deal With the UK’s Roads In The Middle Of Winter

It would be fair to say that we’ve been quite blessed this winter, with the weather staying at a reasonable temperature. However, if one was to believe the media, we keep being told that we’re set for one of the coldest winters in years. For the motorbike enthusiast out there, this obviously spells bad news.

Nowadays, there’s nothing better than hitting the best vlogs and taking in the videos that fellow riders have taken on the increasingly popular helmet cams. Suffice to say, when the weather turns a little colder and the roads turn even more treacherous, some of these videos are spectacular to say the least. However, in a bid to stay on the right side of safety, here are some of our top tips when you take to the road in winter on your bike.

Go prepared

First and foremost, make sure you are adequately prepared in relation to clothing. This isn’t necessarily from a safety point of view either – although naturally, this should be your first priority. However, you should also make sure that you have enough garments to keep you warm. Neck warmers, heated gloves and fleeces are the main ones although really, it’s up to you on the temperatures that your body can withstand.

In terms of safety, we don’t need to say anything else other than you need the most resolute and padded clothing out there. Still, this is the same as if you were traveling through the summer – so just keep those principles in mind and you’ll be fine in this regard.

Test the grip

It goes without saying that the main issue whilst traveling in these conditions is the lack of grip on the road. Fortunately, the UK usually adapts quite well and it doesn’t take long before the gritters are out in full force across all major roads. However, if the temperatures do start to drop ridiculously low (such as -4 degrees or worse), it’s time to head home. The grit will tend to freeze at this point, and once again leave you with a road which is almost impossible to negotiate.

If you’re unsure about the state of the road, try revving the wheels and seeing how the wheels spin. If there’s any resistance, you should be fine. Of course, exercise a degree of caution in this regard and be aware that your bike could fly straight over in extremely treacherous conditions!

Avoid the side roads

We’ve just talked about how well the authorities deal with the major roads in the country, but make sure you stay well away of any side roads. A lot of these are rarely treated and while you might be looking to showcase another impressive session on your vlogging site of choice, it could turn out to be a rather embarrassing spectacle if you take to one of these ice rinks!

Stay on the grit when filtering

Most cars naturally take their time in icy conditions and there’s no doubt that motorbikes should do the same. However, there will be occasions where you’ll filter in and out of traffic, which is perfectly safe if you’re doing it around the grit. Unfortunately, not all of the road will be gritted and if you go near the kerb or the centre of the road you might be asking for trouble. These are the areas which other vehicles tend to avoid for the same reason, leaving you very little space to overtake.

Stay in control of your visor

Anti-mist devices were meant to transform driving in snow, but few motorbike users actually find one that functions properly all of the time. Despite what the manufacturers tell you, they are never perfect and you will have to prepare yourself for constant swiping of the visor. The same occurs with snow accumulating around the area although never be tempted to leave it open – it’s much easier to wipe it with your hand rather than pluck a load of ice out of your eye in the middle of a freezing journey!